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Bad Conduct Screen Printing will only enter into any contract or agreement with person(s) who are permitted to do so.  We will also only knowingly provide products or services to persons who can lawfully enter into and form contracts under applicable law. 

GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION:  These Terms and Conditions/Policies and user agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law in force for the time being in North Chicago Illinois, United States of America.  Lake County to be exact (without regard to its conflict of law rules).  Each party entering into this agreement accepts the terms set herein by Bad Conduct Screen Printing and is legally binding.  Each of the parties irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Illinois, and the courts competent to determine appeals from those courts, with respect to any proceedings that may be brought at any time relating to any of the below mentioned issues.  Any breach of contract, criminal, or civil matters will be filed, heard, and dealt with in the limits of Illinois.  

In consideration of the promises and obligations given and assumed herein, and intending to be legally bound, these Terms and Conditions/Policies provide as follows: 

MINIMUMS: Our minimum for orders is 12 pieces per style for custom printing and Contract Printing. This includes all garments such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, leggings, etc. as well as hats, banners, signs, and koozies. We have a 5% misprint allowance for orders of 12 or more. Items under a quantity of 12 will not be honored or accepted. . We reserve the right to adjust or change our policies and prices without notice to any person or persons and parties as we see fit. This includes but not limited to: price fluctuation between brands, inks, materials, chemicals, artwork and designs, labor, overhead, restocking, and cancellation fees. Our prices and fees reflect our businesses needs and projections for the future. Our 5% misprint allowance is a security measure and we inform and insist that every customer order a few items extra over their wanted quantity to be safe. We are not responsible for items within our 5% misprint allowance since this is an industry standard.  In our industry there are times that garments arrive from the manufacturer with wrong sizing, dye migration, holes, uneven seams, misplacements, etc. These are not our responsibility and completely out of our control since we are not the manufacturer of garments, however we do our best to inventory and inspect every item(s) that enter our shop. Our 5% misprint allowance allows the customer to order a few extra items when placing the order to mitigate any problems that could arise such as the above-mentioned circumstances.

PAYMENT: We require all orders to be PAID IN FULL when placing any order. If payment is not made, the order will not be processed and will be delayed and will not be printed. We accept all major credit cards, and cash, absolutely NO CHECKS. If order is being shipped, it is the customers responsibility to provide an up to date shipping address. We will quote a possible shipping fee at the time of order based on zip code through UPS, FED EX, or USPS. We can't guarantee shipping prices due to them fluctuating. All shipping fees MUST BE PAID BEFOR ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED OUT. If shipping is not paid at the time of order due to uncertain weight and box dimensions, broke up orders such as shipping a few items of an order then shipping the remaining items, a separate invoice will be sent once order is printed and MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFOR WE WILL SHIP OUT THE REMAINING ORDER. Once order is processed and our quote form is approved through our office software management system, verbally approving, signing our printing policy, approving in person, approving through email, approving via text, the customer understands and acknowledges they have read our terms and conditions as well as our printing policy forms on our website or via email and accept responsibility.  By approving the quote and processing the order this is consent the customer has read and fully understands our terms and conditions as well as our printing policies. Any infraction of our policies or our terms and conditions is grounds for order to be terminated at customers expense. Once we receive the printing policy signed, initialed, e-signed, or verbally approved and emailed back to us, payment will then be taken. Once payment is made, NO CHANGES TO THE ORDER WILL BE AUTHORIZED. This includes but not limited to: adding or subtracting items to the order, changing garment style, cut, color, size, or image revisions to artwork or design for printing, and ink color. "Ganging" non order items to the order to be printed will be treated as a separate order and are subject to additional fees and requirements. Once order is processed and approved and paid in full, we will not honor any changes or additions. Customer DOES have the opportunity to cancel within 3 days of ordering without question for a full refund subject to NO PENALTY OR RESTOCKING FEES. After the 3 days, any cancellations are subject to ALL FEES APPLICABLE UNDER LAW AND FROM BAD CONDUCT SCREEN PRINTING, SUCH AS ANY DISTRIBUTOR OR MANUFACTURER FEES USED OR ORDERED FROM, these fees include but not limited to: Penalty fees, restocking fees, cancellation fees, processing fees, taxes, and by all companies or parties involved and will be deducted from the total of the overall order.The remainder of the total will then be refunded back to customer.  ALL PRINTED PRODUCTS SALES ARE FINAL AND ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR PRINTED PRODUCTS.  

ARTWORK: Screen printing requires a certain quality of digital artwork through several different programs. Bad Conducts requirements for artwork is images must be "print ready" by being at least 300 dpi if image is bitmap image, or a vector image, with layers, and separated by colors. Google images, sketches, photos, screen shots, or low-resolution images through PowerPoint or word document, and require recreation by us to be deemed print ready. All orders requiring in house artwork by our Art Department is subject to a $50/hour NON-REFUNDABLE ART FEE. We will not process or proceed with the order until we receive acceptable artwork, or we receive payment for artwork. ALL ARTWORK FEES ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL AT TIME OF ORDER. Acceptable files are Photoshop, Ai, EPS, SVG, Corel, PDF, or high resolution 300 dpi.  
We pride ourselves for the artwork we create and the quality or prints we produce and it all starts with experienced artists. These fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-NEGOTIABLE. Our Art Department utilizes years of education, background experience, and operating on very high costing machines and programs to output great digital artwork and images.  

CANCELLATIONS: All orders are final once payment is received. If a cancellation is made after an order has been placed, you are subject to ALL PENALTIES AND FEES WE HAVE IN PLACE to possibly include NO REFUND AT ALL to compensate any services or materials that were spent or used prior to printing. Depending on the material and labor or services utilized up to that point and is the sole discretion of Bad Conduct Screen Printing. Absolutely NO cancellations will be allowed if the order is already in process or any printing has been done. If order is pending delivery from manufacturer or distributor, any materials, services, taxes, processing fees, shipping fees, chemicals, etc. will be deducted from overall cost of the order, remaining amount will be refunded to customer by original method of payment. (NOTE) if your order is a Rush Order, there are no changes or cancellations allowed once order is processed. Processed orders are orders that are approved and paid by customer and then items are ordered through the distributor of our choice pending pick up or delivery of items to be printed.  
DAMAGES: We do our best to ensure every garment is printed correctly, but mistakes are inevitable. Customers have 24 hours to inspect and report any damages or defects with the order to us. Keep in mind we have a 5% misprint/damage allowance, we recommend ordering additional pieces to mitigate such problems. WE ARE NOT RELIABLE for any garment manufactured inconsistencies including but not limited to: mislabeled garments, color dye irregularities, stitching errors, rips, tears, or holes in garments, mis shapes, uneven necks or sleeves, wrong sizing, etc. BCSP is not responsible if certain items are out of stock or on back order. It items are out of stock or on back order, we will inform the customer as soon as possible, if we have ordered from any manufacturer or distributor, customer accepts full responsibility of any order change fees, restocking fees, etc. If customer agrees to wait for items, Bad Conduct Screen Printing is NOT LIABLE for any timeline restraints, deadlines, cancellations, etc. due to prolonged items out of stock or on back order. We work directly with several distributors that try to keep their inventories as stocked as possible. However, in certain areas or seasons, as with certain specialty items, some items may be in high demand or "seasonal" which will deplete their current inventories. With these seasonal or specialty items, we don't GUARANTEE any fitting, condition, printing, delivery, time lines, pricing, etc. These items are not the responsibility of Bad Conduct and in the event, items take more than 3 months (90 days) we will cancel on behalf of customer and begin the refund process. All fees, materials, labor, services, etc. will be deducted from the total of the order. WE DONT GUARANTEE ANY TIME FRAME FOR REFUNDS AT ALL SINCE ALL COMPANIES AND PROCESSORS ARE DIFFERENT. However, we will work hard to speed up the process as much as possible. Due to the high volume of ordering, printing, and customer relations we have, we keep all customer updated on all things going on as much as possible. Bad Conduct DOES NOT MANUFACTURE ANYTHING IN HOUSE, therefor we CAN NOT GUARANTEE the quality, time, inventory, speed, and price on seasonal and specialty items from any manufacturers or distributors such as hats, scarfs, jerseys, athletic gear or uniforms, koozies, banners, signs, posters, pens, balls (athletic), frisbees, and decorative items. Bad Conduct specializes in t shirt, hoodie, and all garment printing. Seasonal items such as athletic jerseys are NOT GUARANTEED and not carried in our inventory year-round and can possibly yield a very lengthy turnaround time for both printed products and if cancellation, a refund minus all fees, services, and materials. WE DONT GUARANTEE ANY SEASONAL OR SPECIALTY ITEMS AND CUSTOMER ORDERS ON THEIR OWN ACCORD AND AT THEIR OWN RISK of mentioned possibilities.  

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: Bad Conduct offers a variety of shipping methods to include USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, and pick up. WE DO NOT DELIVER, unless previously planned and authorized by Bad Conduct Ownership at customers expense. We are not a courier or shipping company, so our rates are NON-ADJUSTABLE. Customers agree with our shipping terms and prices and requests shipping at their own risk. WE DO NOT INSURE OR GUARANTEE ANY SHIPMENT. We are not responsible for lost, damage, rerouted, late, or mis handled packages once leaving our facility. We do not offer refunds for any shipping errors or delays. Lost, delayed, or damaged, items are the responsibility of the shipping company and at the risk of the customer. All shipping balances must and will be paid in full before entire order is released, whether 12 items or 100.  We reserve the right to invoice all services to include screens fees, artwork, labor, taxes, and shipping at customers expense.  If any balance is left unpaid we will hold onto order or items/garments until customer pays in full.  Once payment is received in full, items/garments will be released immediately.   

SCREENS AND ARTWORK: Screens are the property of Bad Conduct Screen Printing and are not for sale. We hold screens for 30 days before reclaiming screens for other jobs without charging another screen fee. After 30 days, any orders with the same design is considered a "new" screen and a screen fee is applicable. We charge $15 per screen for every color and location in a design. Example-- A customer orders 15 white Gildan 5000, with a front chest image that has 4 colors. The bottom line price starts at $8 including 1 color, and every other color is $1.25 (3 in this example). So the total cost per shirt would be $11.75 per shirt, and 4 screens @ $15 for a total of $60. The overall cost of this order without taxes or other services would be $236.25. 15shirts x $11.75 + $60  
ARTWORK: This is the most vital part of screen printing. Bad Conduct utilizes hand and squeegee method to deliver the highest quality prints in the industry, and it all starts with GREAT ARTWORK. If a customer doesn't have proper artwork (layered separated and high resolution) we will have to create a print ready graphic in order to proceed with the order into production. Our artwork fee is $25/hour with a guaranteed 2 hours for set up, creation, and development. If artwork is created before the order has been printed or even if an order is cancelled, the customer is still responsible for the artwork fees. We will invoice the customer for all services used up to that point, or take all fees for services, labor, and material, from any refunds that may be due to the customer or just invoice the customer for said services. We will itemize and invoice the remaining fees or deductions, so the customer is fully aware of what was totaled.  

PRICING AND POLICIES: Customer(s) agree to adhere to ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and fully acknowledge and understand our printing policies. Ignorance or mistake of fact is not adequate grounds to terminate any of the said terms. Customers are given 3 different forms, documents, or opportunities to read, acknowledge, and understand our policies. Bad Conduct reserves the right to change, alter, delete, add, or enforce any of our said policies to include but not limited to: Retaining refunds for services provided, labor, and materials, sending notifications via email, letter, phone calls with 3 attempts to reach customer and settle any dispute. Itemized receipt for said services, labor, and material as valid for legality reasons. After 30 days of nonpayment, we send customer over to collection reporting agencies. Lastly, the final option is in the court of law. 

LOGO/ BRANDING:  Bad Conduct Screen Printing owns and assumes all authority over the name/term “Bad Conduct Screen Printing” as well as the logo with the Anarchy sign as the letter “A” in the word BAD.  Only written permission from us or Brandon Griffith (owner) can allow or authorize use the logo and name in outside fashion in printing, publication, wear, distribution, logo use, and Company naming.  We do not nor will not allow anyone else to use our logo or name on any garments, signs, banners, digital copy, or slogans.  Jurisdiction over this issue is strictly handled in the State of Ilinois.  Since we are located in Lake County Illinois, we will have authority in this location all parties pertaining to this matter should any infringement arise.  Bad Conduct Screen Printing and its logo can be found in our Social Media pages, website, stamped on our invoices, quotes, and signature panel of all our emails.    

**** Prices subject to change due to industry fluctuation and inflation per distributor, supplier, and Resaler. 

Bad Conduct Screen Printing reserves the right to delay, post pone, reprint, refund, cancel, or pro long any order by direction and authority of Bad Conduct Screen Printing and the Owner from order to order basis.  We are a custom print shop and NOT A MANUFACTURER OF GOODS OF ANY MEANS.  This includes garments, ink, screens, supplies, and chemicals, we have set these policies in place to enforce certain criteria due to the insurance options for our print shop to cover or redeem lost products or services, so some orders may be delayed without control from ourselves.   

**Once an order has been printed or started to be printed NO REFUND/CHANGE/OR ALTERATION WILL BE ALLOWED.  This is not grounds to determine non-delivery or non-printed products.  If an order has been processed and/or printing has started any add ons or adjustments will be treated as a new order and subject to ALL fees applicable under our policies. 




WARRANTIES:  Customer(s) represents and warrants to Bad Conduct Screen Printing that, in its ordering, images, designs, and logos and the Services provided to them that: 

1.) Customer assumes all responsibility for the images, designs, and logos sent to Bad Conduct for printing and have done their research for trademark infringement and we will knowingly give the customer the opportunity to a fair service. 

2.) Nothing RACIST, SEXIST, OR VIOLENT images will be sent or emailed for printing.  We will immediately turn down the order as it is against our printing policies and our moral standards. 

3.) Customer assume and understands everything mentioned above, and any breach of this user agreement contract could and may be grounds for a lawsuit for Breach of Contract.   

4.) Customer(s) are always allowed to express their experience with a business through platforms such as Yelp, Google, etc.  However, cyber bullying, stalking, threatening, ganging up on with friends or followers is not tolerated and will be turned over to local authorities. 

5.) Customer(s) will not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights, trade secrets, right of privacy, rights of publicity or other legal right of any person, and will comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.  Customers further represent and warrant that there are no claims, demands or any form of litigations pending, or to the best of its knowledge, threatened with respect to any content used or proposed to be used by any customer.  Bad Conduct Screen Printing will not be required to make any payments or compensation to any person in connection with its use of such content: and such content does not contain any violation or copyright infringement for images, designs, or logos outside our control or of our own property.  Customer(s) assume responsibility of the content in which they want printed and is assumed they have done their research.   


6.)  Refunds will be given in the same tender the Original order was placed.  Customers understand and agree to not to demand or threaten our company to bad mouth, destroy, etc. If a paypal transfer isn’t done at the time the customer demands it.  Both parties agree and will abide by our refund policy.  

7.) REFUND POLICY:  Bad Conducts refund policy is any refunds for whatever reason within the limits of this contract will be refunded the same way as the original purchase.  Cash purchases will get cash refunds.  Credit or debit cards transactions will be refunded to the exact card used to make the original purchase.  No cash refunds for card purchases and no pay pal cash transfers will be honored nor done.  Customer agrees to these terms before any order will be processed and printed.   

SHOP AND ACCIDENTS: Bad Conduct Screen Printing is a closed shop and only appointment calls, or emails will be honored.  Due to machinery, heavy equipment, tall structures that pose a danger to the outside public, customers enter at their own risk when coming by to order, drop off shirts, pay, or pick up shirts, Bad Conduct Screen Printing is not responsible for any damages or accidents that could occur.   

By Authority and Direction of Bad Conduct Screen Printing and its affiliates. 

By Signing, approving electronically, or e-signing customer has read, understands, and complies to all terms set forth therein.  

Customer Signature or e-signature: _______________________________ 

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