Dealing with Bad Customers

Right vs Wrong?

So today my first encounter of ongoing battle with a customer and his "buddies" or friends.  Now usually, I would dust this off and move on and not think twice about it.  However, this struck a nerve as he was speaking on behalf of the client since the client can't comment or communicate with me after the Cease and Desist I served him.  This guy took shots, irked me, and tried everything to get under my skin that he could.  I usually just serve the papers and let things die down and move on, bu this one hasn't and won't go away.  So my only alternative is to take him to court and sue for everything I had invoiced him for after a disagreement over a few shirts and my company is being attacked via social media.  i would say turn the other cheek and let the shit roll off your shoulders, but for the ones that stick, fight and fight some more.  Take every step necessary to squash these entitled people that demand nothing belonging to them.  It's my job as a business owner to protect this company, assets, and my family.  Same goes for any printer or business owner.  WE don't let anyone dictate our business or policies set in place under state law.  


What's Going on at Bad Conduct?

July 11

So after a few short months of focusing on business, growth, printing, customer service, internet content, I came to realize putting out content and a face to your company is very very important! This gives value to your company and drives content from all of your other social media platforms to your website or your phone.  So in short, post pics, make videos, push content daily, and STAY consistent!!!

Staying in the fight and dealing with horrible customers

So today Sep 16, 2018 I finally came across the buddy of a customer I served a demand letter, than a Cease and Desist.  The only problem is that it doesn't umbrella the friends of the customer.  The customers friends can still harass, comment, argue, slander, and destroy your business.  Now, it is petty that I even wasted my energy fighting with this guy and even responding.  Did he get under my skin? No honestly, but I can't let shots go fired without returning kill shots.  

Doing Big Things

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July 12, 2018

So we at Bad Conduct keep hearing and even see the question from the printing industry how do you insert a "Design Studio" into your website or a checkout cart?  Well there are many reasons why we don't have either on our website.  This website is to bring people to the work and face of our company and then contact us directly where we talk to customers, get to know them, hear their voice, they hear our voice, talk them through choices or decisions they are stuck on.  We have a different approach from most printers that want people to go to their website and order, pay, and they print and ship or have ready for pick up and never have e personal relationship with the customer.  This is what separates us from our competitors.  When asked, this is the #1 answer we give.  Now we are not perfect, we make tons of mistakes, we can't finish from time to time, we can't do every order for various reasons, we drop the ball, we screw up registration, etc. and the list goes on.  But this is what this blog is, the truth.  And to get to know us and our team, we our truthful to our fans, customers, and audience.  However, with the thousands of customers we have had, tens of thousands of prints we have printed, we have only had a hand full of upset customers and that is a huge win for us! We strive for perfection.  We will never be perfect, but we can strive and grow to become near it.  Back to the design studio, this is exactly what Custom Ink, Ink Soft, and those big internet companies have built into their website system.  There is a reason for that.  They only care about the money they bring in, not the customer.  They don't care about the person ordering for their family reunion, high school graduation, football team, or their business.  It's an order going through their que system and pumping out $$$ on the other end.  

We have reversed that role and draw customers to message us, fill out a contact form, and we follow up with every one of them with a personal call from us to see what the customers needs and wants are, their budget, their requirements, the design or image they want printed, the colors of garments, ink colors, placement, size, etc.   We get the same information the ones with a design studio does in just a bit more time but the BIG difference is, we now know our customer.  We also know their expectations where as a design studio doesn't.  Jumping on these monthly subscription based design feature studio software programs is a waste of money and does nothing for the business.  It doesn't drive customers to you, it doesn't advertise for you, it doesn't make you more money.  Matter of fact it cost you money.  For example, there is a new one coming from Cam Earvan from the Print Life that is like $75-150 a month.  That is crazy!!! Printers get to know your customers and personalize with them.  That goes further than anything any business can offer.  Good night All

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After a 1 month break with no orders coming in and no concentration on screen printing. I focused on business ownership, growth, and financial gain. 

BCSP IS REBORN!! all organized, all up to date, all fast and speedy turnaround, the best art, the best prints, and still the best damn print shop in the area!!!!